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Even once work is complete, we’ll remain in touch to discuss potential developments. After testing, it’s time to deliver your program to the live environment. Uber cab app has been rated 2nd most disruptive companies in the world in 2018 by CNBC, beaten only by SpaceX. It is available in 70 countries and more than 600 cities worldwide and holds a track record of completing 14 million trips each day. It’s quick and easy to hail a ride, and you can see exactly how much your fare will be before you even confirm the ride. When it comes to choosing the proper marketing strategy for your app’s target audience, you will need to consider a few key factors.

An Uber-like app will cost ~ $57,000 and ~ $114,000 for one or two user apps (iOS and Android) respectively. If you need any help in getting closer to your dream, please get in touch with us! Our managers will answer all your questions and provide you with custom project estimation. As said, the final cost of your Uber-like app is highly dependent on various factors and your personal preferences.

How To Make An App Like Uber: Features

For Geolocation in the Android version, one can implement Google’s Location APIs in to make an app like Uber. In order to display point-to-point directions on a map, the developer uses MapKit and for Android, they use Google Maps Android API v2. Plus the app has been upgraded with add-on features to test level of uber. This trendy car-hailing service has a hidden secret, but let’s try to lift the veil a little.

  • Uber took the whole process online, and it also made taxi-booking and ride-sharing a lot easier, more transparent, and cheaper.
  • With the trip cancellation or delay time of more than 5 minutes, the passenger is charged additionally on top of the base fare.
  • Such testing of each stage helps you to get a bug-free and effective Android and iOS app product that ultimately improves the user experience.
  • The complexity of features and functionalities affects the overall development cost.
  • This guide can lead you to the top-rated app development company in Dubai.
  • In this economy it’s literally impossible for a 20 year old to save money and getting a car.

In both scenarios, business owners should take the opportunity to research and identify the improvements that they could offer over existing taxi booking apps. To build an app like Uber, clarity and simplicity is the best wicket to take. There are many functions under the Uber app and yet it seems so simple and easy to use. Ridesharing services are client-oriented and so they have to come with beautiful and easy-to-use UI/UX. Correspondingly, the Uber-like app development cost should involve design expenses. Further, the final cost will differ depending on many factors mentioned earlier, as well as the chosen Uber taxi app developer.

What do Uber like apps mean?

The complexity, features, and platform specifics you choose to go with will affect the overall development cost. Here, we have compiled the list of features that you wouldn’t want to miss and how to develop those features, the pricing structure, and the tech stack. It noticed a common pain point, developed a solution to address it, and in doing so, completely revolutionized the way people looked at taxi-booking as a service.

Provide real-time updates on ride status, driver arrival, and estimated arrival times. Develop a separate interface for drivers to receive and accept ride requests. Implement features for driver registration, background checks, and rating systems. It’s crucial to note that these figures are estimates and can vary based on specific requirements and market conditions. Uber focused on providing a superior customer experience by addressing pain points in traditional taxi services. Features like upfront pricing, cashless transactions, and real-time tracking resonated with customers, leading to widespread adoption.

Payment gateway:

Create a thorough roadmap that includes the technical aspects of the app’s architecture, tech stack, and functionality. An admin panel is essential for the system to be properly integrated and run smoothly. Uber’s rise is not a lesser-known tale; it ranks as the second-most disruptive firm in the world. Given how quickly cities are developing, it is anticipated that these services will weather the crisis and that revenues will reach record highs in 2023 ($334.5 million).

make an app like uber

Idea Maker is a boutique web and software development agency based in Orange County, CA, founded in 2016. You can get all the features that are in the Uber app on your new app. All you need to do is contact us and let us know which features you would like to have integrated. We will work with you to ensure that your app has all the features you need. Alternatively, you may wish to expand your horizons and also learn how to build an app like Instagram, following Idea Maker’s guide. So, if you want to know in detail about the cost, here is an in-depth guide about cost of creating an app.

How much time does it take to create an app like Uber?

Keep in touch with your development team and evaluate the entire process. Uber has surely ruined the monopoly of local taxi services and transformed the transportation business from its roots. Features aside, there needs to be something extra that users should remember an app by. This makes even more sense in the online taxi booking industry, where new players continue to try their ideas to experience Uber-like success.

Let’s begin with the basics and go further into the Uber-like app. Here you can check the details of how Uber calculates the prices and devise something similar for your app. If you liked this article, you may also find our How to Make a Website Like YouTube blog post interesting. In fact, only 25% of 16-year-olds and 80% of 20- to 25-year-olds in the United States had a driver’s license in 2020. However, in 1997, 43% of 16-year-olds had obtained a license, as well as 90% of 20- to 25-year-olds.

Functionality Required to Create an App Like Uber

View optimized routes and track your location in real-time to deliver quickly. Deliver packages as users command from door to door with superior monitoring and business control. Rate service providers for the provided services on the rate of five starts.

make an app like uber

The cashless payment method and price are estimated before making the process smooth for both drivers and clients. The customer now gets the detail of the cab driver with the exact location; they now ride the cab to reach the desired location. Both client and driver are aware of each other’s location, and concerns over the car arrival time are no longer topical.

Key Steps Which Are Involved In The Development Process

As a consequence, clients may use your taxi app regardless of their location. The “complicated scheduling” option, as well as a discount in the app for those who desire it, can be preserved. Every taxi app in a competitive industry provides fresh promos and incentives to draw more clients. You may have also realized that utilizing a cab app saves money and is an excellent substitute for public transit.

How to Build an App Like Uber in 2023 [A Complete Guide]

Advertising- Advertising is a terrific technique to bring in money for small local companies. Businesses that are advertised may be billed on a cost-per-click or cost-per-mile basis. Uber continues to be a strong contender for promotional collaborations with major companies like Hilton, Pepsi, and Spotify due to its popularity and worldwide reach. NLU models Uber is compensated for promoting other companies’ content, giving them access to a larger audience and the ability to engage with them. Through the campaign, the target audience has access to coupons, discounts, and other promotional goodies. Analyze the data gathered and utilize it to refine future iterations of your Uber-like service.

The basic fare, cost per mile, cost per minute, and safe ride fee are all factored into the price to make an app Like Uber. The taxi size, travel distance, and booking time all affect the user’s payment structure. Uber primarily provides different cab sizes, including UberX, UberPool, UberBasic, UberBlack, and UberLux, according to the consumer’s needs.

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